Friday, August 21, 2015

President Trump? It's possible!

I can't believe I'm writing this.  But here goes ... 

I get it. I get why Donald Trump's election numbers are going up. And I truly believe he can move his gold bathroom fixtures into the White House. I listened to a single news story this afternoon on NPR and it became so clear to me! Iowans who were interviewed for the piece said Trump tells it "like it is" and "speaks from the heart" and is a "good businessman." And they love him for it because he is NOT like other politicians who lie, hedge their bets, and pander to whoever is in the room.  That is an extreme indictment against those now holding public office, but ... it's reality.  And those in office brought it all on themselves.  You see, sometimes karma doesn't wait until another lifetime.

What those Iowans don't understand, though, is that telling it "like it is" and speaking "from the heart" are simple solutions to extremely complicated problems. They don't seem to understand that the president is only one of 545 people that make up the three branches of government. And that's a low number because I only included the president, Congress, and U.S. Supreme Court.  If you add in judges from other levels, there are more.

The president can't run government like a for-profit business! If he were to do that, you can bet our military would be decimated.  There is nothing profitable about our military's readiness - and the cost of providing what our veterans have earned through their service. A balance sheet for defense ... or education ... or health ... or infrastructure ... yeah, you get it.  Or at least I hope you do!

The president can't "tell it like it is" during delicate negotiations with foreign leaders when finesse and diplomacy are necessary ... and when  you don't know which leader has his hand on the hot button.  "Telling it like it is" may feel good, but when it can send thousands of our men and women into battle ... well, perhaps there should be more substance to the discussion.  Right?

The president doesn't call all the shots and he/she doesn't control Congress or the Courts. The Republican establishment is not about to do everything Trump wants because they know they would never be re-elected if they do.  Stalemate.  Stalemate.  Stalemate.  If you think President Obama has issued too many Executive Orders (and his numbers are quite small compared to other presidents), think of what Donald Trump would attempt!  The man who would be King does not want to relinquish power and yet that is exactly what he will have to do.

Bottom line: Trump would have to give up the very things his supporters like about him in order to get anything done!

Maybe - just maybe - some other politicians can learn from Trump before it's too late and he gets elected!  And there are things to learn:  speak clearly, don't lie to us, tells us what you want to do and give us details because we're not stupid.  And then give us a reason to trust you, because right now ... we don't.  And THAT is why Trump leads in the Republican polls right now. And THAT is why he could be elected.