Thursday, March 16, 2017

"I'm not into politics"

I was early for an appointment today and it was just me and the nice receptionist sitting in the very small lobby.  She is about 40 years old, nice dress, immaculate hair, great makeup.  Somehow, politics came up and she said:

"Oh, I'm not into politics."

Then she looked a little embarrassed and tried to explain by saying that politics and government just  don't affect her.  WRONG thing to say to a history/government teacher.  ::sigh::

So, I asked her to name the very first thing she did when she woke up in the morning - the very first thing.  She said, "I turn the light on."  Okay ... so I explained public utilities and the Arizona Corporation Commission, rates, etc.  Aha!  Government/politics involved in the very first thing she does in the morning.  

Then we went on to the bathroom, water, water/sewage rates, clean and safe water ... yep, government/politics involved in the water she flushes, drinks, bathes in.  And ... how government failed (and is still failing) in Flint, Michigan.

Breakfast.  Uh, huh ... food labeling, food safety, food packaging, food prices, farm subsidies, utilities for cooking and preserving the food.  Yep, government/politics involved before she even gets dressed in the morning.

By the time the tax guy was ready for my appointment, the receptionist had gotten in her car for the little exercise I had given her.  Mandatory auto insurance, auto safety regulations, road maintenance, traffic signs, fuel taxes, driver license, license tax ... yep, government/politics involved in her transportation.

This woman was more than a little surprised at how much government (therefore politics) is DIRECTLY involved in her life.  And she hadn't even gotten to work yet!

As I was headed down the hall for my appointment she asked how she could learn more.  I suggested she read ... and figure out what is really important to her.  That's the best I could do in the short time I had.

"I'm not into politics."   Well, honey ... politics is into you,  so get your head out of the sand and find out what's going on.