Sunday, April 22, 2012

You want to protect me? REALLY?

A young man I don't know (but know of) is running for a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives.  I perused his campaign web site to see how he stands on the issues facing this  state.  

Maybe this candidate is running as a Libertarian; I don't know because I couldn't find a party affiliation. I see lots of libertarian views on his "issues" page and, several times, found myself nodding in agreement. 

But this is where my agreement came to a screeching halt.  Mr. Candidate says he is pro-life and believes "in laws that protect women, children, and families."  This one-liner comes under the heading of Protect Life.

So, Mr. Candidate ... just how am I being protected when you want to prevent me from making very personal, life-altering choices?  Is it because you assume I'm too stupid to make decisions on my own?  Am I so incompetent that YOU feel YOU have to make those decisions for me? That is incredible arrogance on your part and it's not very pretty.

I am certainly not a fan of abortion, but I also believe women can decide what's best for themselves - and their families.  I am not qualified to make that decision for other women ... and neither is any state lawmaker.  It's really very simple:  if you have a moral or religious objection to abortion, then don't get one!

The Arizona Legislature that Mr. Candidate wants to be a part of has passed some outright vicious anti-abortion laws.  One even declares a woman pregnant two weeks before she has the sex that could make her pregnant!  So now, this young man wants to be a part of the body that believes it is qualified to enter the health care arena - and play doctor.  And it appears he will vote right along with the rest of the whackos.

Mr. Candidate ... at least be honest.  You don't want to protect women - living, breathing, thinking, loving human beings.  You want to protect a fetus - at the expense of a woman.

I guess I really do need to be protected.  From you.

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