Sunday, January 5, 2014

The fast for discrimination and bigotry

My "mouth" has been relatively quiet these past few months, but I feel the need to let it all hang out.

A 35-year-old Utah man has been fasting since Dec. 21, 2013.  No food, no drinks except water.  He is taking vitamin supplements and has, to date, lost about 25 pounds.  

What courage!  What dedication! What commitment!  He's a man of principle and he's willing to stand his ground for those principles!

Is he fighting for the downtrodden? Hungry children? Women's equality? Veterans' benefits? Is he fighting for educational opportunities or a more responsive Congress?  Is he risking his health - maybe even his life - to bring about fairness in our justice system?

No.  Trestin Meacham is willing to starve to death so the state of Utah can deny equal rights to a certain group of people.  Let me repeat that:  This man will - if he's really that committed - starve himself to death so a certain group of people will not have the rights and legal protections that he enjoys. He has determined they are not worthy of legal equality.

Yeppers, that's right.  Meacham is extremely upset with recent court rulings that allow same-sex couples to marry in Utah.  Uh, huh.

"I cannot stand by and do nothing while this evil takes root in my home," Meacham said.  Well, that explains it!  I sure didn't know those couples were getting married in his home!  No wonder he's upset ... I imagine his home became rather crowded when the marriages started taking place! He probably ran out of Doritos and ice!

Okay, I admit that's a bit sarcastic.  And I really want to be fair.  Meacham actually says on his blog that this has nothing to do with hatred.  In fact, I was interested to read that, "I have friends and relatives who practice a homosexual lifestyle and I treat them with the same respect and kindness that I would anyone."

I beg to differ, Meacham.  You don't respect them at all and you are certainly not kind.  You want to deny them equal protection under the law.  You want to prevent this group of people from enjoying the rights you have and the ability to lead their lives the same way you can.  That is NOT respect and it is NOT kindness.  

Oops ... here I am being unfair again.  Meacham explains: "This is about religious freedom, and an out of control federal government."

Sorry, buddy, you already have your religious freedom and allowing same-sex couples to marry isn't taking it from you.  Nobody is forcing you to marry another man.  You don't have to attend those weddings or give gifts.  It's evident, however, that you want to force YOUR religion on everyone else in Utah.  So, religious freedom is great - as long as it's yours?

Out of control federal government?  Try reading Article VI of the U.S. Constitution or the Fourteenth Amendment.  The last time I looked, Utah was in the United States and is bound by the same constitution as the other 49 states. 

I don't believe Meacham will starve himself to death.  God will suddenly appear to him and tell him to eat so he can live to fight another day.  Or, perhaps a court will step in and order a feeding tube.  Now, THAT would be an invasion of his privacy and a violation of his rights.  But allowing same-sex couples to marry doesn't violate Meacham's rights at all.  Not one whit.  Unfortunately, he and his supporters will never understand that.

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