Saturday, January 28, 2017

Because of women who marched ...

On January 21, 2017 women marched.  The Women's March in Washington, D.C. alone brought in 440,000 people. Crowd scientists told the New York Times that the march was three times the size of Donald Trump's inauguration crowd.  And don't forget ... the Women's March was not limited to Washington, D.C. Organizers list at least 673 sister marches from places like Russia, Indonesia, and Antarctica, with attendance of about 5 million. 

It was a day of empowerment.  But if you were on Facebook that day, or a few days after, you could read the conservative comments - written by women.  And those comments dismissed the march as being "silly" or "feminazi" or "ridiculous and unnecessary."  Oh, yes, the right wing had a field day and I expected as much.  What I didn't expect is that women would be that petty in response to a march that centered mostly around women's issues ... in other words ... human issues.

And then I read this.  I sure wish I had written it, but I didn't.  It is attributed to Ann B. Adams.  I don't know if she wrote it or if she shared someone else's words, but it needs to be repeated.


To all my conservative friends mocking and complaining about the Women's March on Washington and around the world, a gentle reminder:

Every time you go into the voting booth to choose your candidate - Republican or Democrat - you are doing so because of women who marched.

Every time you refill birth control so that you may plan and decide the best time for your family to have children (or how many), you are doing so because of women who marched.

Every time you go to a job outside the home to provide for you or your family, you are doing so because of women who marched.

Every time you open a checking account or credit card, buy property,  or make an independent financial decision, you are doing so because of women who marched.

The things you have today are the product of protest, social unrest, activism, and resistance.  Even the most anti-feminist 21st century woman still lives in the shadows of female activists who were willing to fight for generations they would never know.

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