Friday, March 30, 2012

Blog every day - are you crazy?

I received a couple messages via Facebook asking why I don't update this blog every day.  WHAT?  ARE YOU CRAZY?  I have a demanding job! I'm too busy! I have dogs to care for and train! I have a life!

And then there's another reason.

Most people blog about the things that frustrate or anger them.  I'm no different.  Right now, the Republican ideology has me wondering if there's any sanity left in the world.  And that's what this blog would be about every single day.  Here's an example:

This past week,  a weekly acquaintance of mine (I see her once a week and sometimes more) was talking about her upcoming surgery and she said she was so glad Medicare would cover every dime of it.  I mentioned that I was glad her surgery was going to happen prior to the GOP Budget Plan being approved.  She looked at me with a quizzical expression and I went on to explain that Paul Ryan's GOP Budget (approved by the House of Representatives) would gut Medicare.

She said: "It's sure better than that communist ObamaCare!"

The little nice angel on my right shoulder told me to keep my mouth shut.  The activist angel on my left shoulder told me to tell her she was full of crap.

I said, "ObamaCare has provided health insurance to thousands and thousands of people who didn't have health insurance before - it saves us money in the long run.  And it protects the Medicare that's going to pay for your surgery."

She replied (YELLING, by the way):  "And he isn't even qualified to be President!  He's a Muslim!"

Okay ... now we're into the ad hominem attacks.  But did I shut up?  Nooooooooooooooooo ... ::sigh::

Me:  "And then there's the Republican War on Women ..."

She replied with a vengeance:  "Those laws are to PROTECT women!"

And then SHE stormed off and proceeded to talk about me and my horrendous views to another person in attendance - of course, making sure I could hear the conversation.

I, however, was thinking about those laws.  Did she mean the laws that invade a woman's privacy beyond belief?  They protect women?  The laws that assume women have no ability to make decisions for themselves ... they protect women?  The laws that prevent women from basic reproductive health care?  They protect women?

So ... back to the original point of this blog.  Why in the world should I write something every day?  Well, I shouldn't.  And I won't.

But maybe I should write when I feel the urge because now I know there are WOMEN who will throw other women under the bus just so they can continue identifying with a particular political party.

Yamamoto said as the Japanese planes were bombing Pearl Harbor:  "I fear we have awakened the sleeping giant."

I hope the Republicans' actions have awakened American women. And I intend to keep ringing the alarm.


  1. What is wrong with people that they can't see it?

    1. I think they are so entrenched in the "party" that they refuse to look at what the party is really doing. If they DID get it, they'd have to admit their party is making huge mistakes and they might feel that reflects on them. That's only a guess. Actually, it's the only thing I can come up with because I don't understand it at all.