Friday, March 9, 2012

I now get it! The GOP Plan for Women!

I took this photo at the British Museum in London.  This is an incredible exhibit of marble sculptures from the Parthenon in Ancient Greece. After years of war, theft, and vandalism, some sculptures remained and in 1816, Lord Elgin saved what he could. He then transported the "Elgin Marbles" to London where they were protected and made available to the public for viewing.

I just used this photo as my "cover photo" on Facebook and then I realized something:  this photo outlines the Republican Plan for Women!  Look at it ... think what GOP-controlled legislatures have done and what Congress wants to do.  THIS is it!

No heads:  they certainly don't want us to have heads (brains) so we can think and make decisions for ourselves or mouths so we can speak our opinions and feelings.

No arms: they fear we could carry protest signs and mark a ballot.

No feet:  they do not want us to stand up to the tyranny heaped on women all over the country.

Make no mistake about it ... the GOP has declared war on women; many Republican-controlled legislatures have stolen our privacy and our ability to make our own health-related decisions; the GOP  is trying to damage - or destroy - the decades of discussion and work that brought women some sense of equality.

War ... Theft ... Vandalism = The Republican Plan for Women

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