Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another assault on birth control!

It just never ends, does it?  Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican (of course) from Florida, figured the Senate needs to get in on the contraception act.  So ... he's introduced a bill that could wipe health insurance coverage for millions of women.  Here's the key part of the bill Marco The Man has introduced:

What this means is that any employer can decide not to include birth control coverage in the company's insurance plans - if the employer has religious objection to birth control.  Rubio calls his bill the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act."  

Folks ... you best start saving your greenbacks. You could be paying $3,000 or more every year OUT OF YOUR POCKET for birth control pills if Rubio and the rest of his GOP cronies are successful.  Oh ... and guys ... your insurance won't cover a vasectomy, either

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