Monday, February 20, 2012

Insurance covers sex stuff for men!

     Well ... with all the flap about President Obama's health insurance plan - specifically that insurance companies must include coverage for contraception with no co-pay - it might be nice to know if that same insurance covers sex stuff for men.
     Just a word to the GOP members of Congress (that's assuming any of them give a rat's patoot): men do get a sexy boost from insurance companies for a variety of services!  And, guess what ... some are federally funded!
     Example: In most cases insurance companies pick up the tab for drugs like Viagra.  That, by the way, costs $15/pill.
     Example:  Vasectomies ... aren't those for men who really don't want to procreate?  Guess what - this procedure is usually covered by health insurance and the cost is $500-$1,000.  Hmmm ... does the Catholic Church have a problem with this?  I don't recall any discussion regarding contraception for men ... do you?
     Example:  Penile implants ... wow ... if Viagra doesn't work, get the implant!  The cost is $10,000-$20,000 and is often covered by insurance.  Granted, erectile dysfunction can be caused by real medical conditions, but ... come on ... if a man wants a penile implant just to have some fun (and not to procreate), shouldn't the Catholic Church be up in arms about that, too?
     My point is this: if churches and Republican congressmen are going to wail about their moral and religious opposition to contraception for women, shouldn't we expect the same regarding sexual services for men?  If a man's sperm isn't going swimming with the intent of procreation, then the above services should face the same scrutiny as female contraception.  That, of course, would include all single men and those who are married to women who cannot conceive.  To do otherwise would, most certainly, validate the theory that the GOP is waging a war on women.

Note: Some of the information for this post comes from an article for "The Raw Story" written by Megan Carpenter.


  1. The logical argument (re: God and birth control) would be that God *wants* you to procreate. But if He made your Willie all flippy-floppy, isn't that ALSO his will?

    Why does the God-wants-it-so argument only go one way???