Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Girl Scouts - radical organization?

     Bob Morris (the smiling guy on the left)  says he will no longer allow his daughters to be part of the Girl Scouts.  From the Associated Press:

"... Morris said he found online allegations that the Girl Scouts are a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood, encourage sex and allow transgender females to join. He also wrote that the fact that first lady Michelle Obama is honorary president should give lawmakers pause before they endorse the Girl Scouts."

     For the record, I find all of his comments offensive.  But, hey ... he probably doesn't think much of my comments, either.

     Morris (a Republican Indiana lawmaker) doesn't know when to shut up.  He also says the Girl Scout role models are all communists, feminists or lesbians.  This drivel, of course, forces the Girls Scouts to respond.  Diane Tipton is president of the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital and she is quoted in the Washington Post:

"The Girl Scout organization does not take a position on abortion or birth control, and these topics are not part of the Girl Scout program or our materials. We believe these matters are best discussed by girls with their families.”

     Good 'ole Bobby is the only Indiana lawmaker who refuses to sign a resolution that commemorates the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary.  Way to go, guy!  I'm kind of surprised, though ... maybe he should embrace the Girl Scouts and tell those girls they shouldn't sell those Thin Mints at all; they should use them as birth control!  Just put them between your knees ...

    Oops ... the chocolate would melt.  My bad!

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