Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No GOP vote for me - NOT ONE!

Disclaimer right off the bat:  I am not a registered Republican - or a registered Democrat.  I'm actually registered as a Libertarian. Libertarians, generally, stand for personal freedom and less government intervention.  That's me.

But I have to be realistic. Until Democrats and Republicans (who make state election laws and don't want anymore competition) make it possible for Libertarians to actually get on the ballots and participate in debates, the chances of a Libertarian winning are small.  So ... I'm basically an  Independent.

Every election, I go to the polls and vote for the candidate I feel will do the best job. He or she may (or may not) mirror my opinons, but at least I have voted my conscience based on what I know.  Trust me: I research the candidates!

This year is different.  

I will NOT vote for one Republican candidate - for ANY office.  I will not throw my support to a party that has been hijacked by the Tea Baggers and the religious right. I will not throw my support to a party that has declared a very obvious war on women.  And trust me ... if the war on women succeeds, then men will be affected,  too.  

You think I'm making all this up?  DO YOUR RESEARCH!  Find out what Congress wants to do and take a look at the proposed (and already passed) legislation in states around the country.  I'm not going to do your work for you; if you can't research this yourself, you should stay home on election day.  You stay home and I'll go vote.

And not one vote will go for a Republican.  Not one.  My vote will count. Even if my candidate doesn't win, my vote will send a message to whatever GOP candidate might win:  You do NOT have a mandate.

Take a look at what the GOP-controlled Congress has done since gaining control in 2010: not a damn thing.  You want more of the same for the next several years?

Am I swinging at windmills?  I don't think so.  I am doing what our Founding Fathers intended:  I am participating in the political process.  Isn't it time you do the same thing?


  1. Very well said, Maryann. I kind of hope the stupidity of the GOP as it currently exists makes it implode, shaking up the political landscape to allow for other parties' involvement to increase. The idealists in me would prefer that the party system disappear entirely so we can start voting on the issues instead of the party.

  2. Emilio, George Washington warned against political parties. And noted British historian/author, Paul Johnson said: "For the last two centuries political parties have increasingly dominated our legislatures, formed our governments and shaped our societies. But if they are such successful and indispensable institutions, why are they so corrupt? Is it wise to seek to export this party tradition to the fledgling democracies we're trying to set up in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere? After all, in Israel--which is a genuine democracy--the overfragmented party system is an obstacle to good and stable government." I'm with you - get rid of the party and start concentrating on the issues.